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Are you passionate about cooking? Do you find yourself whiling away the hours trying out new recipes, making your own adjustments so you can come up with something unique and delicious? Of course, the easier to prepare your meal, the quicker you can sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Affordable prices and saving money on extra tools means that you can treat yourself to dessert, too!

“Love how it lends itself for many different uses in baking and cooking .Thanks for inventing a great kitchen tool” Catherine S




“Great Kitchen Tool!”

If so, you must explore our multi-purpose, all-in-one, versatile, innovative, must-have kitchen tool, the Speegee, the reinvented silicone spatula. Whether cooking in your kitchen, or roughing it in the wild while camping, Speegee, the Spatula Squeegee, a highly improved version of the globally used silicone spatula, is an ideal multi-tool that can satisfy most of your cooking needs.

Great Kitchen Tool! I bought this because it was a unique item, but I’ve found it to be incredibly useful. If I need to get anything out of any container, I grab my Speegee. Quinoa out of a pot, coffee grinds out of my french press, it works quickly and efficiently every time. A great kitchen tool!Adam


At SpeegeeCo, we have managed to combine functionality, innovative design, and quality, to create a fashionably colorful kitchen tool for every kitchen professional. Whether it be a home cook or a skilled/experienced chef, anybody that cooks will appreciate the Speegee’s versatility.

Inspired By You

The Speegee was invented by Anthony Silva, a cooking enthusiast that wanted to combine a dash of function, a spoonful of ergonomics, and a pinch of style to create a recipe for success that is also inexpensive. Whether you’re baking, mixing, scraping, spreading, icing, turning, tossing, transferring, or even cutting, these tasks are done quickly and efficiently, by combining commonly used kitchen tools into one multi-purpose, improved silicone spatula, the Speegee.

“I liked the idea of the Speegee when I first heard about it. But I fell IN LOVE with it when I became the owner of one! It is very strong but also pliable and easily cleans the sides of bowls and other containers with one swipe. Bread dough, tomato sauce, hummus – not a bit wasted. If you bake and/or cook, you need to have a this product.Thanks for coming up with something we all needed!”  Ginni 
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  • “Love the Speegee! I make gravy and meatballs all the time, and I hate when I can’t get everything out of the pot. This is the resolve to that!! My baking skills has also since improved since the creation of this product. Get it now! Definitely worth the money!!” Ashley

    Completely Worth It!
  • “As someone who has a love for cooking, i was immediately drawn into the Speegee after i saw its FUNCTIONAL design. Unlike the traditional spatula, the Speegee allows you to get the most use out of it with its unique design. The Speegee has taken the spatula to an entirely different level !!” Eddie

    Great Design
  • “Bought this for spreading icing on cakes but I’ve found so many more uses for it! Really love the Speegee!” Jean

    Works Perfectly
  • “Love the Speegee! I make a lot of soups, gravies, etc. so I figured this would be perfect. Does exactly as advertised. Thanks!”

    Martin C.

  • Love how it lends itself for many different uses in baking and cooking .Thanks for inventing a great kitchen tool

    Catherine S

    meeting my speegee