Baking is always a fun adventure, but it’s much easier when you have the proper baking tools and equipment. You can visit any kitchen store and find a variety of pans, bowls, whisks, and spatulas, but some of the best new kitchen tools combine all of the must have pieces into one. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the Speegee. With our one of a kind silicone spatula, you can leave all the other cooking tools in the drawer and forget about washing a sink full of dirty dishes. All you need is the Speegee! Check out five ways you can put the Speegee to work during your next baking adventure.

Mix It Up

Consistency is key when you are baking. If you want your cakes to be light and fluffy, the batter has to be smooth and creamy with no big lumps. You won’t need a whisk or even a wooden spoon when you have the Speegee. It’s sturdy enough to use as a mixing tool and it’s more comfortable to hold in your hand too!

Don’t Waste a Drop

When it’s time to pour the batter into your baking pan, just grab the Speegee and you won’t waste a single drop. It is designed to clean the sides of the bowl, capturing every last drop of that delicious cake batter and leaving your mixing bowl easy to wash.  There is no other silicone spatula in the world that can effortlessly scrape a bowl clean like a Speegee.

Ice, Ice Baby!

Once your cake is finished and you’ve given it time to cool, it’s time to apply the icing. If you’ve ever used silicone cooking tools to ice a cake before, you know the task can be tedious at best and downright frustrating at times. It’s hard to get the icing spread evenly without creating a big mess in the process. The Speegee makes icing a cake fast and simple. With an angled edge that is just the right size, you can easily create a smooth finish on your icing without any lumps, bumps, or frustration in the process.

Cut It Up

Have you ever gone to cut a cake and ended up with a crumbly mess? A regular knife will do the job, but it’s usually messy and you have yet another utensil to wash when you’re finished. With the Speegee, you can easily use the angled edge to effortlessly slice through cakes, pastries, or brownies with no muss and no fuss left behind!

Serve Up the Sweets

Now that your baking is done, it’s time to show off your hard work and invite friends and family to gather round the table for a delicious treat. You won’t need to get a cake knife or a spatula for serving this time. Just pick up your Speegee! It’s a perfect tool to serve cakes, pies, and pastries to those you love the most.


While there are plenty of baking tools and equipment out there, nothing can compare to the Speegee! It’s at the top of the chart for new kitchen tools because it can truly do it all. Whether you are mixing, pouring, scraping, icing, cutting, or serving, you need the Speegee on hand to make the whole process a little simpler.

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